Good Over Evil!


  • Mahishasura (The Demon)
  • Goddess Durga (The Divine Warrior)

Mahishasura: (Sneering) Ah, Durga! So, you think you can vanquish me, the indomitable Mahishasura, with what—a bowl of quinoa?

Goddess Durga: (Fierce) You underestimate the power of good, Mahishasura. This isn’t just any bowl; it’s a symbol of purity, wellness, and wisdom.

Mahishasura: (Mocking) Purity? Wellness? In this age of fast food and chaos, who cares for such obsolete virtues?

Goddess Durga: (Incensed) That’s where you’re wrong, demon! People are waking up. They’re switching to quinoa during fasting, not just for its high protein and fiber but as a sign of spiritual and physical cleanliness!

Mahishasura: (Laughing wickedly) Ha! Let them eat whatever. It won’t save them from my rule of evil.

Goddess Durga: (Defiant) No, Mahishasura! When they choose quinoa, they choose to honor their bodies and their souls. It empowers them to resist temptations, like your false promises of sinful indulgence.

Mahishasura: (Angry) So what? I’ll still rule over them with my demonic ways.

Goddess Durga: (With resolve) The choice of quinoa is a choice of resistance. Each grain is a weapon, nourishing the body and spirit to stand against you!

Mahishasura: (In disbelief) A grain? A weapon?

Goddess Durga: (Victorious) Yes, Mahishasura. Sometimes, the smallest of changes herald the most significant victories. You underestimate the power of good, the strength of purity, and the impact of healthy choices.

Mahishasura: (Defeated, vanishing) This isn’t over!

Goddess Durga: (Triumphant) It is. The people have made their choice. They choose good over evil, wisdom over ignorance, and quinoa over empty temptations. The power of good prevails!

And so, Mahishasura was defeated, not just by the might of Goddess Durga but by the simple, yet profound choice of embracing quinoa during fasting—a potent symbol of the eternal victory of good over evil.

The End

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