The Quinoa Quest on Karva Chauth


  • Riya: Health-conscious wife
  • Aman: Husband who loves traditional foods
  • Meera: Riya’s fashionable BFF

Scene 1: Riya’s Kitchen, morning of Karva Chauth.

Riya: (checking phone) Aha! It’s Karva Chauth! Time to fast and be fabulous. But you know what, Aman? This year, no aloo puris or deep-fried anything.

Aman: What? No way! Karva Chauth without traditional food is like Instagram without filters!

Riya: Chill, babe. I’ve got something better — Quinoa!

Scene 2: Meera’s apartment, where they’re getting ready for the evening rituals.

Meera: (applying henna) Girl, you’re fasting and swapping aloo for quinoa? You’re like the Elon Musk of traditions!

Riya: Right? Let’s innovate this Karva Chauth!

Scene 3: Riya’s Kitchen, Aman tentatively tasting the quinoa pulao.

Aman: Hmm, not bad. But is it as Instagrammable?

Riya: Aesthetic and healthy. Take that, aloo!

Scene 4: Rooftop, evening. Riya and Aman looking at the moon.

Aman: (holding a glass of water) Ready to break your fast?

Riya: Wait! Let’s make it quirky.

(She brings out quinoa kheer)

Scene 5: Next day, Riya and Meera on a video call.

Meera: So how was the Quinoa Karva Chauth?

Riya: A total hit! The moon was beautiful, and Aman didn’t even miss the traditional food.

Meera: You should blog about this!

Riya: For sure, “How Quinoa Spiced Up My Karva Chauth!” It’s gonna trend like crazy.

The End

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