Ram: (storming in, brandishing a bowl of quinoa) Ravana, enough is enough! Your reign of white rice ends today!

Ravana: (scoffing, holding a plate of white rice) What’s this? You dare challenge the mighty rice empire with some…birdseed?

Ram: Listen, you nutritional nightmare! Quinoa is the avatar of goodness, the epitome of health!

Ravana: (laughs) Really? What’s it got that my rice doesn’t?

Ram: A complete protein profile, you ignorant glutton! It has all nine essential amino acids! It’s like the full arsenal of Lord Vishnu himself!

Ravana: (pauses, then scoffs) Who cares about amino acids? Rice is classic, it’s cultural.

Ram: Cultural my foot! Open your ten heads and listen! Quinoa is low-glycemic, it doesn’t spike your blood sugar like your evil white rice.

Ravana: Low-glyce-what? Stop with your new-age gibberish.

Ram: You’re a fiber-less fiend, Ravana! Quinoa has twice the fiber, aiding in digestion. Your white rice is like the Lanka you built—flashy but useless!

Ravana: You insolent little—

Ram: And let’s talk minerals! Magnesium, iron, zinc! Quinoa is the Hanuman to your white rice’s weaklings. It leaps nutritional bounds in a single serving!

Ravana: (grumbles) Well, maybe—

Ram: Maybe nothing! Your rice may have ruled for eons, but this is the age of quinoa, the age of nutritional enlightenment! Good trumps evil, Ravana, in health as in life!

Ravana: (pauses, looks at his plate of white rice, then throws it away) Fine, you win. Give me that bowl of quinoa.

Ram: Victory is sweet, isn’t it? And so is this quinoa pudding I made for dessert.

Ravana: (taking a spoonful) Not bad, Ram, not bad at all.

Ram: Remember, the victory of good over evil is not just in legends, but in our daily choices. Choose quinoa, choose goodness.

Ravana: (sighs) Happy Dussehra! Ram.

Ram:Happy Dussehra! Ravana.

And so, quinoa reigned supreme, heralding a new era of nutritional wisdom and proving once again that good always triumphs over evil.

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