Queens Quinoa Cream & Onion 100gm

Whole Quinoa Chips Masala 100G | Fried & Flavored Snacks | Gluten Free Healthy Snacking


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Product information

  • Healthy Snacking: With fried chips, Queens Quinoa presents a snack made of quinoa grain that can be incorporated into a dieting lifestyle as well. No matter the nature of diet, these fried chips provide essential nutrients without leading to weight gain.
  • Gluten-Free: Many people have to give up on their snacking inclinations because of gluten intolerance. In case of Queens Quinoa Chips, you get an insight into healthy snacks for adults. You can munch as much without considering gluten allergy as a factor.
  • Fibre Rich: When pitted against other grains, Quinoa has the most amount of fibre. As a fibre rich grain made of quinoa flour, it keeps you fuller for longer, thus promoting weight loss. Not only this, it also helps in reducing blood sugar levels.


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Composit, Poly Pouch

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