“Exporter”, a renowned food distributor was in a meeting with one of his top clients, John.  
John was always on the lookout for new and innovative food products to offer his customers.  
As they sat down to discuss new product lines, Exporter presented his latest offering – Queens Quinoa Pasta. 
John was intrigued but skeptical, “Quinoa in pasta? I’ve never heard of such a thing.” 
Exporter replied, “Yes, it’s a new product that’s been gaining popularity in the health food market. It’s made from cold pressed quinoa flour, which is packed with protein and guilt-free. Plus, it’s a great alternative to traditional wheat pasta.” 
John was hesitant, “But will my customers like it? I don’t want to invest in something that won’t sell.” 

Exporter understood his concerns and offered, “I can provide you with a sample batch for you to try out in your store. That way, you can see how your customers respond to it.” 

John agreed and a few days later, he received the sample batch. He immediately cooked up a batch of the quinoa pasta and invited some of his regular customers to try it out. 

To his surprise, the customers loved it! They were impressed with the taste and texture of the quinoa pasta. John was convinced and called up Exporter right away to place an order. 

The quinoa pasta became a hit in John’s store and soon, other stores in the area were also ordering it. Exporter was thrilled with the success of his new product and decided to introduce it to other clients as well. 

Thanks to Exporter’s innovative product and John’s willingness to try something new, the Queens Quinoa Pasta became a staple in many households.  

And it all started with a simple meeting between Exporter and his client. 

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